About the author and the site

This is the “wrong” site. Because I decided to collect here very different things that I did in my life, and which I am really interested in till today. Since the early 1980s, I have been interested in photography, in the 90s I was a photojournalist of Moscow newspapers, worked for international agencies and magazines. In the 2000s, worked for Radio Liberty and the Internet publication Grani.ru – at first as a photographer and photo editor, then hosted the first video channel in Russian internet-media “Grani-TV”.

I participated in the publication of a number of books as an illustrator and build editor. Also published my own book on the political and armed confrontations in Moscow in August 1991 and October 1993. There were several personal photo exhibitions in Moscow and Prague. The site contains selected photographs from different years and the full version of the book “1991/1993”.

In the 2010s, I wrote about lawsuits, вegan to deal with the protection of human rights. Laureate of the Editorial Board journalism award for a series of articles on the trial of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Was a public defender (actually a lawyer) at the “Bolotnaya case” trial (2013). Later lectured at the School of Public Defender at the Sakharov Center. Worked at the Memorial Human Rights Center. The site contains texts about some major lawsuits, which, although were published, but are scattered and difficult to find today.

In addition, I love to travel, and especially in Southeast Asia and India. About impressions, finds and thoughts about it – the section “Travel”, which included some texts and photos from my blog on Livejournal.com (which I stopped keeping), and new materials.