Why is it here

Why I wrote then and why am I collecting my notes here?

Official site of Russian police/ Map of the event

Details about Bolotnaya I. Secret plan

How the risk of collisions was created at the stage of coordinating the procession with the authorities

Details about Bolotnaya II. “Where are we sitting?”

According to the authorities and the court, the riots were provoked by a “sit-in” by the leaders of the protest. What caused it and could it interfere with the normal continuation of the rally?

Details about Bolotnaya III. Who broke through and where?

The authorities argued that the reason for the forceful action of the police was the breakthrough of the demonstrators to the Kremlin. Is it really?


Gluttony in Penang

If I’ve learned a little gluttony in my sixties, it was in Georgetown. The Malaysian island of Penang is called a culinary paradise. Indian, Chinese, Malay, Thai, Arabic and God knows what other cuisines, as well as endless variations and mixtures of the best of them. It’s incredibly tasty and varied.

Laos. Cinemas of the 60s in Savannakhet and surroundings

In Lao, cinemas are called by the same phrase as shadow theater. This can make some confusion in understanding the names in the English translation on Google Maps. But there is also some blue-eyed symbolism in this. It is interesting that when a few years ago the city was decorated with street art, on the … Continue reading Laos. Cinemas of the 60s in Savannakhet and surroundings

Savannaket. Our guide

Savannaket is a small city, and its historical center is even smaller. This is especially pleasant for tourists: on an area of half a square kilometer you can find about a hundred old buildings and a lot of illustrations on the theme of the connections and mutual influence of Asian and European cultures. In a … Continue reading Savannaket. Our guide

Two artists met in the markets

There is such a people – the Hmong. They lived in the mountainous regions of China, but they were systematically forced out to neighboring countries (Laos, Thailand, Vietnam), and during the war in Laos, many were forced to flee to Thailand. The Hmong are masters of embroidery, weaving and silverwork. There is a small Hmong … Continue reading Two artists met in the markets


Homegrown Whistleblowers

Russian propaganda and officials gleefully announced the “disclosure of a fake” by Ukraine about a bombed-out maternity hospital. There is supposedly a lot of evidence that this is actually a production. On what facts are the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Permanent Representative to the UN and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation relying on when asserting this?

People of 1993

I thought the person in my 1993 shot was dead. 22 years later, I met him. This is how many stories related to that time were contacted.

Searching for your killer

An American journalist many years later returns to Moscow in search of the man who shot him during the battle in Ostankino in 1993

People from the pictures: Nobel laureate on the barricades

It happens that your old photographs come to life, and this is the most valuable gift for a photographer. I photographed these guys on August 19, 1991, near the White House.