Why is it here

I was not at Bolotnaya Square on May 6, 2012: my wife and I watched at the battle, reading Twitter at an altitude of 3000 meters in the Himalayas. We were very worried, because there were many of my friends and my daughter, a photojournalist. Returning soon to Moscow, I understood that I could not stay away from this story and in the future six years was engaged in the “Bolotnaya case”. First, as a journalist of Grani.ru, then joined the “May 6 Committee” (an alliance of volunteers who gathered to support the arrested). After I was able to collect a lot of photo and video materials about these events, analyze them and draw my own conclusions about what happened, I was invited to become a defender at the first and largest trial over the “Bolotnik’s”. For eight months, which lasted the trial, I represented Sasha Dukhanina in the court and at the same time wrote about the trial in the Grani.ru blog.

Recently, looking through my publications about this story, I was amazed to discover that in six years I had written about 90 texts about it, which became the chronicle of the Bolotnaya case. Separately, I provide a complete list of publications with links to the source.

I decided to gradually combine all my texts here, since it is already difficult to find them now, and this story deserves to be remembered and known. Many times I promised myself to write a book about the history of Bolotnaya, but I can’t start doing it over and over again. Let this collection be such a book for now.

So far, translations of only the most important texts about the “Bolotnaya case” have been posted here. Most of my reports from the court and analytics are fashionable to read in the Russian version of the site. Gradually they will be translated into English.