Phrao Valley – “Nothing amazing place” in the Thai North

Возможно, кто-то скажет, что долине Пхрао не стоило посвящать столько слов. Или наоборот, стоит начинать знакомство с севером Тая именно с таких, “не примечательных” долинок. Которые и составляют сущность здешних мест.

Secrets of the town of Pre. Part One: The Secret War

A tiny town (which does not prevent it, however, from being the capital of a small region of the same name) with the French name of Phrae, lost in the hills of northern Thailand, turned out to be full of surprises and secrets. For example, there is a museum of the Second World War. Although I have always been sure that Thailand did not participate in hostilities.

Homegrown Whistleblowers

Russian propaganda and officials gleefully announced the “disclosure of a fake” by Ukraine about a bombed-out maternity hospital. There is supposedly a lot of evidence that this is actually a production. On what facts are the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Permanent Representative to the UN and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation relying on when asserting this?