Forgotten Peace Parade 1992

I have reminded of this more than once. On May 9, 1992, I saw what was perhaps the most significant thing that happened in those years. Yeltsin then canceled the military parades. But in 1992, an international parade of military bands of allied countries took place. And most importantly, veterans of World War II marched across Moscow: not only Soviet ones, but also Britain, America, France and (it’s scary to think!) Italy and Germany! There was also an international column of concentration camp prisoners. And the Russians walked in it, by the way, with critical slogans.

I remember that I then said with relief: “Well, that war is over too!” Because to end the TU war was much more difficult and more important than the cold one.

But no. In 1995, a fake parade of old military equipment was held on Red Square. And then it started … Russia is still the only country in the world that is still waging a war with TU. I’m not a big fan of Kusturica, but Underground is a movie about Russia.

But something else is even sadder. Try typing in the search “Peace Victory Parade” (that’s how this procession was called a little awkwardly in 1992): you will see only two mentions in passing and not a single (!) Photo. The photo archives of RIAN and TASS each offer fifty photos of the march of the communists that took place that day (then the confrontation between the leftists and Yeltsin was growing) and one photo each of exotic pipers on Red Square. I also found only one video plot. Made by Americans. There are simply no people from these photographs of mine, they have been erased from history (and I remember that a lot of colleagues were filming next to me).

No, RIA managed to find another “iconic” shot of that time – with a little girl in military uniform. Quite in the spirit of today. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that when I looked at this selection 7 years ago, I did not see this frame. Perhaps it was simply not put up for sale for a long time because it was not typical. I remember well that if it was possible then to see a child dressed in a tunic, it was only at some ultra-communist rally, and this was perceived as an anecdote and a quirk of “patriots” who had gone out of their minds. But now this will be the “historical truth”. Therefore, I will remind you of this every year. Until the TA war ends in Russia.

PS. In my family there is a Hero of the Union, a pilot, a heroic sailor and a simple orderly. I have nothing to do with this – it just happened and it was their war, I have my achievements and failures. But the last of those mentioned is my dear grandfather, whom I adored and with whom, until his last day, we rolled a couple of glasses on May 9 in the family circle. And I will continue to congratulate my parents on the holiday.